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Steer clear! The website is a fraudulent site whereby realtors pay for favorable reviews.

Realtors who aren't "paying" members receive negative reviews. The data on this site is completely inaccurate. Agents from 60 miles away who never sold a single listing in this zip code are placed on high places because they are paying for this and agent who work the zip code and currently has 96 listings is on page 56 of the roster. This is a scam and a fraud and there is a class action being filed by multiple MLS services for fraud and misrepresentation as well as unlawful data sharing.

As a consumer you cannot believe a work you see on this site. Do yourself a favor and search internet before you decide to go with the “opinion” of these scammers.

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Greenleaf, Wisconsin, United States #775200


We rank and display every agent for the benefit of the consumer. What you see is both complete and unbiased by any means.

If there is additional detail missing from your profile page, please send the missing MLS data sheets to:

San Francisco, California, United States #703994

Reposted from - Scamming home buyers, sellers and realtors

Here it is as I see it. :(

The information posted is inaccurate. :(

The comments made on some of the Realtors can be considered Slanderous. :(

If Neighbor City would allow Realtors to change or modify the information posted about themselves at no charge this would be rectified. :x

If NC would fix the information in a timely manner after being informed of the nature of the mistake at no cost - I would not have a problem. :x

Since many other Realtors and I have attempted to get the information corrected with absolutely with no help or effort from NC this site is falsifying and misleading consumers. Simply put Slanderous and erroneous. :( :( :( :( :( src="/components/com_akocomment/images/sm_mad.gif" border="0" alt=":(" />

So my suggestion to rectify this: ,) :) ,)

Put a complain into the BBB

Get an attorney or use PrePaid Legal to write demanding the erroneous and slanderous information be corrected or to remove your name from their site (Never to be added without your permission again). :grin

In this day and age Companies like NC will simply ignore our own efforts and complaints (ie emails, letters, and phone calls). It is only when enough of us complain to the BBB and get attorneys involved that they will change their way. BTW PrePaid Legal costs $16 a month - a must for any Realtor now-a-days. They write letters for free. So spend the time and lets get this done people.

San Francisco, California, United States #703969

As posted under:

** Post by California Realtor **

As a Realtor we enter information into our MLS to ensure accuracy for our clients. It is publicly available to EVERYONE without a charge. It is not the job as a Realtor to track down every yahoo, mom and pop site that decides to post information incorrectly.

This comment about copyrights is a lame excuse if you or Neighbor City's programmers were worth their salt. First you are already grabbing information from somewhere (assuming or MLS) and already in violation. To then try to shove this inaccurate reporting to the Brokers and Realtor shows how ignorant you really are.

I agree that it is the job of the Realtor to Market our clients and we do on a daily basis. In this day and age the accuracy of information falls upon the site and the sites programmers. If you are going to post information and not allow Realtor's to correct it without a charge - that's wrong.

So where is your argument? So NC admits they cannot accurately data mine date (grab info) and post it, then refuses for anyone to UPDATE or CORRECT the info without a charge? Sounds like fraud Mr. MN Doug.

Let me educate you a bit:

As a programmer I know it is a fairly easy process to accurately grab and report the information from third party sites without any open source or permission to do so. Since Neighbor City obviously can or has Realtor Agent Numbers (if not simply mining again), pole the site on a daily basis record it, record the changes, and post it on the site. Sorry this is a fairly simple task (as many do to re-disply Amazon deals) and it truly shows the lack of experience from NC.

Overall I think you are missing the point of many of the complaints - LET THEM UPDATE AND CORRECT THE FALSE INFORMATION ON A TIMELY BASIS FOR FREE. Charging them is the issue.

So again don't try to say its the REALTORs or BROKERs issue because the lack of experience of some employee of Neighbor City. It is simply wrong and underhanded and Slanderous. The site refusing to allow someone to CORRECT information is and will be help accountable. Have NC fix their site - allow Realtor's to correct their information and update your data mining routines.

Doug speak on something you have some real knowledge on, being a marketing mouth piece is a sorry excuse for pathetic work ethics. :p Stand up and cater to Realtor's and we will be happy to work with you. Saying its our fault is the wrong approach. So change your tactics and correct the problem.

Concord, California, United States #675426

These asshats say that I "stand out because of her inability to quickly sell her client’s homes, once listed and the low average price per square foot her listings command compared to comparable homes listed by other agents."

They have no idea what they are talking about. My sale is consistently the highest sale in the neighborhood unless I represent the buyer. Total clowns.


I'm a Colorado Realtor, and the only thing I'm certain about this site is that it is terribly inaccurate. None of my statistics are even close to correct.

According to's statistics, I have about 1/3 rd of my actual Buy & Sell closings per I'm certain they're not grabbing the facts from MLS as they claim. I read other's describe it as a form of black mail, and I can certainly see how a company could hold a Realtor hostage with poor ratings & partial data.

I have called NeighborCity to address the matter & see if they would correct my data, and have gotten no response. I do find it very suspicious how they make "agent recommendations" with higher is changing hands somewhere.

New York City, New York, United States #588328

I tried to contact neighborcity to correct their improper site data but they never respond back.

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