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I have a home listed for sale in Taos, NM. One day while looking at ads for the home I noticed a Neighborcity site, and when I clicked it on, my property was shown, pictures and all, as "off market." I was horrified as the Taos housing market is slow anyway, and showing the home as "off market" doesn't invite buyers!

I wrote Neighborcity, called, sent emails, and the error--which was damaging my effort to sell the home--was not corrected for several months. I was so distressed by the fact that it took so long for the error to be corrected that I wrote the BBB. But the response I received from Neighborcity was to question whether I had really ever seen the house described as "off market" because now it was shown as an active listing. I explained that I had printed a copy of the "off market" headline, and I wasn't making this stuff up.

Then I was told by Neighborcity that I just "didn't get it," i.e. Neighborcity had no responsibility for the error as they just borrow listings from other data bases. However, my realtor will affirm the house has NEVER been "off market" since it was originally listed. Neighborcity's responses, through the BBB, were rude, blaming, and dismissive.

Finally I asked for the name of the CEO, thinking perhaps the head of the company would like to know what was happening on the customer relations end of things. I received no response.

It is the case my property is now properly listed as "active" on Neighborcity, but all the eye candy pictures have been removed. Is that an accident?

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Greetings! I'm not sure which client you are, or what listing you are referring to in Taos, NM.

The information on our site generally matches publicly available data, and is updated periodically to reflect changes.

NeighborCity exists for the benefit of the consumer so we take these matters seriously.

This is the type of issue we are generally happy to resolve. Feel free to email me for further assistance: stephanie@neighborcity.com

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