I was rated with missing data and their website states I am inexperienced in fact I have 12 years of full time experience. I have lost a chance at one listing because of the unfair practice of rating me as an inexperienced Realtor with little transactions.

The client said they need to work with someone with more experience and more transactions. This company needs to be sued and removed from the internet for making our job even harder. Incorrect information to the consumer and hardship on Realtors .

They stated to me that I need to update them on my transactions. It is not my job to update their data.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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Same here 12yrs experience, they have me as expired license and only with 4 yrs experience. Very miss leading information, site states I'm below avg. Sending compliant to the BRE.


Yeah they show my home as being for sale, when in fact it is definitely not!

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